Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Year Celebrations

Looking at how the world is celebrating, I reflected on how I celebrate New years in general.

 Thank God, I celebrate in the most simple way.  I do the same with Christmas.

During childhood, new clothes were a mandate and a bonus were the gifts, greeting cards, and cakes. I had a  whole huge collection of gifts that I received during Christmas.
The only reason I'd be waiting for Christmas was for gifts but, nothing else. And New year? A privilege to stay awake.

I remember staying awake for new years right from 2002( 2nd class). I was small and wasn't allowed to stay awake at late nights. 

My brother and sister never showed interest to avoid sleep. I wanted to!

The new year was the only time, I was allowed to stay awake and go to church. Never bothered about what happens in the church but, I loved singing loud. No one ever looked at me in an odd manner. And at the end, everyone would wish 'Happy new year'

Soon after that,  the next day morning, we'd go to church to get promise cards but I was also interested to share greeting Cards. There was a whole bunch of kids who gift new year cards each other. At the end of the day, counting greeting cards would be a heart-filling task.

As the years passed by, it became a routine and I loved it.  Every year, celebrating Christmas & New year at a new place.

Over the time, I learnt what it is to celebrate Christmas. I learned to spread the joy and love. I received joy during Christmas by gifts and I decided to gift others during christmas time. I surprise my friends gifting them during Christmas. At the end of the year, I spend time for myself enjoying recalling all the memories. Not through social media but, by the journal.

I enjoy and buy another diary and start writing, to enjoy the nostalgia when I read that at the end of the year.

And I stick to this kind of new year celebrations. 

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