Saturday, January 26, 2019

More than a selfie

More than a mere selfie

Listening to Chinmayi from my schooling. I learned a lot about various new things. Chinmayi is the reason I named my blog "What to name it"

Wishing to know more about her, I watched a lot of interviews. I watched all her Vijay TV bloopers, interviews just to know more of her and also of AR Rahman which she mentions in every interview.

Along with the talent, her thoughts and personality seemed to be of a learning personality. She keeps learning and inspires me to learn. 

Reading her memories of her schooling, places, and a lot more on the blog, I picked up the interest of reading blogs.

I met her at CCRT on Jan 8. 2016
It was another great conversation. She listens to you. And she gives you her attention. The time I spent with her was precious. I'm grateful for the time. Besides all these, I had great conversations with Padmahasini mam on that day as well.

We took a picture and it came out in this way. More contended about the words rather than a picture.


I met her and every word of her is of agony and braveness. I couldn't say anything rather than thanks for being the voice and teaching a lot of men and also women raising issues against the system.
I shared how her words helped me to realize that it's should always be about the person we admire but not us. How I was egoistic about it. Thanks Akka.

Calling her 'Mam' seems so formal where the way she receives a person is with so much warmth and affection. I shared a lot of my words with her. I spoke on what she told and I saw her being there brave and handling everyone graciously. 

Standing next to her for a picture would be superficial amidst the conversations I had. Grateful  for your time rather than a selfie.

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