Sunday, January 27, 2019

Listen to Me by Sashi Deshpande

Thanks, HLF. Got to know of the author, Sashi Deshpande. 

She talked about how people assume a lot of writers' life and see writing as a luxury or hobby but, not work.

"Working from home is difficult as we gotta discipline ourselves in a great manner," said Deshpande sharing difficulties faced when she works from home. 

The discussion included her works on Long Silence, Binding Vine.

She dispelled how she loathed listening that Fiction is for girls. Non-fiction is for boys.  

She suggested the book, "The complete plain words" by Gowers.

"Trying to live the way people expect you to live was a tough situation. I was not a docile girl too," says Sashi Deshpande who is quite effective verbose and effective in sharing her views. 

Looking forward to reading her works. 

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