Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Friends- The Trek

My first trek

I didn't prepare much for this trek. All I realised was this is a western Ghat trek and I imagined a lot of greenery and was scared about animals.

We trekked 7km upward and 7km downwards. Abhilash, Srikanth & I got only one bag which we shared through the trek.

Enough water bottles and few energy bars, we were all set to climb the mountain. Started the trek and into the forests. Trees towered throughout the places.the sun rays brightened few leaves and it's shadows were also there. Play of light and the air surfacing through leaves created a paradise. Sometimes all you wish is to stay there silent and take it all in. The same trees look differently as the time passes. Every tree took its own shape.  Few are bent and few are reticent to bend. Few leaves are out and few leaves are entwined. As the sun passes, the trees behave. Convuluted paths. It's scary and also exciting.

Pick up quick energy supplements. Hydration is the must and should thing.

Good shoes are always suggested and don't rush to reach the peak. Enjoyed the journey. The nature's course is so artistic to get lost in it to find yourself.

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