Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Holidays with Harry

There are a few things that are certain when I'm at Harry's home on a holiday. 
Good discussions. Delicious food. Playtime with Anjali and a few music sessions.

Shared my new hitchhiking experiences, the talk with Wahid Bhai, and the beautiful moment I had at a library. We spoke a lot. I also shared what it is to convince others with confidence. Often, one assumes a lot and fails to convince other lacking confidence. 

"You need to show confidence in order to gain confidence from others." 

Shared how it worked wonders with me recently. Glad I got reminded of it when needed and practiced it. 

This time, Anjali was working on a Dam that helps to preserve the environment.

"Abhinay, what are dams for?" 

I explained the energy-saving concepts and other irrigation helps. 

"Does it help to preserve the environment?" 

"In a way yes---"

"Then, that's why we did this. We were asked to do something that helps to preserve the environment."

I love the silent times as much as I love discussions with Harry. Harry puts on the music. And we enjoy the music with a few conversations on music.

"I have a friend, Vijay, an expert in Urdu and translates the lyrics explaining the meaning.  Every year, we have a session to listen to all these songs and discuss them. Should host one session this year also," said Harry being nostalgic about the memories. 

His friend, Vijay, reminds me of Kashyap.

These are the two songs that I got to know. Gems'

Ended the day with the sumptuous dinner Shobha Mam made for us. 

A day well spent.  

 Harimohan Paruvu told me about how he has a music friend Vijay who's an expert at Urdu and all other translations.

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