Saturday, January 12, 2019

This Year That day

Just as I met her, we continued the conversations at the drop of a hat. Studies. Dance. Clouds. Stories. And a lot more. We never run out of things to talk about. Exactly an year back, I met Sruthi at Phoenix Arena. 

Asking about my writing, she gifted me a notebook. Every time I take out that book, I get reminded of her. Besides notebook, she got me a key chain. And lots of chocolates.

Strolling at the Arena, we climbed on to trampoline and was playing till we were tired. I'm sure we'd never be called out of it as we looked like school kids jumping out of joy. Indeed I was referred as Sruthi's brother in her campus. Not surprised at all. 

We spent a whole day having lunch at my favorite place,Zaiqa. 

Finally, after a long tiring day, ended up at chocolate room waiting for her friend. There she sat waiting for them. 


Time and again, this girl reminds me of her wide smile and the positive vibes she bring a long. It's been a year since I met her. Over the year, we grew up, we changed,  Besides all these, we remained the same.

We remain the same sharing what's happening in our lives. We remain the same sharing the bond we have. I cherish the 9 year friendship I've with Sruthi. Cheers Sruthi, for our friendship. 

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