Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Friends' Weddings- Back to the classic style

Kalpana always shared how we're ignorant of wasting many resources. Kalpana's daughter was engaged at a temple. As the lady is the way she is, I was contended to attend the engagement.

Was spell bounded by the whole arrangement. Right at the well, Sruthi and Teja got engaged.  At the centre of the well was the musical setup singing all the praises to God.

Great Set up. Everything seemed classy. The cots were set up for anyone who want to sit and rest.  The food section was put in a open hall. The family wanted the attendees to sit and eat at ease without thinking too much what to pick and eat. "We put 3 state food since we're from Tamil Nadu born and brought up in Karnataka and a Telugu speaking family." Kalpana explained.

All men in white dhoti and Kurta served food. Traditional pappu annam.  And happy to see the TEDx Fam again.

"We made all the sweet for 5 days at home." Kalpana was sharing how there's fun in these kinda gatherings at home and work together. They had some return gifts for all the attendees as well, a box of agarbattis from Kanpur which are made up of the flowers offered in the temples.

Kalpana being Kalpana is a working model for inspiration. I always imagined a wedding at the beach.  If possible, will try out for an ecological one. Thanks Kalpana for the inspiration.
I wish people go back in retro celebrating festivals at temples.

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