Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Poetry Meetup

I still can't recollect how we started discussing poetry but, Tejaswi shared her poems which brought a new perspective on many emotions. One of her pieces described what it is to leave a person and clung to the memories. 

I've read many poems on people sharing how it feels when someone leaves but, not many on how it feels to walk away. Quite an interesting poem and heart touching. 

Another poem was on Love.  Starting with the cheesy line, (When someone talks about love, it has to be about heartbreak,) she wrote well.

Well written and well described. I related to her way of describing the vulnerability. She just wrote what I wanted to read! 

And the last poem she shared was on the Beach. Using the beach as metaphor she describes a matured thought on moving on. Interesting poems. To sit and share poems in person can never match any online meeting. Thanks, Teju for sharing your poems. Keep writing. Hope we meet some other day to discuss a lot of poems.

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