Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Stories on Wheels - In dialogue with Anagha

Talking to Anagha, a journalism student I learned a few things. 

It's interesting how they study. The course itself is diverse and interesting. They watch a film a week and starts a dialogue on it discussing various aspects.

she suggested movies to watch. 'Bicycle Thief,' 'one who went over cuckoo's nest,' and few others. 

Carnatic singer by training and she explained what raagas are. I know one raaga by it's name but know nothing about it, 'charukesi.'

"I don't like Sad raagas much." Happy raagas are fine. 'Hamsadhwani,' 'Mohana' are few  raagas I like to sing."

Discussing on raagas, I wanted to know more of the exploration of raagas, with my limited knowledge on these, I couldn't really ask her more.

And I got so many Kannada songs suggestions. She doesn't speak a word in Telugu but knows everything we talk. 
'My mom's family is of all Telugu and I know the language in that way.'

She a surprise when she sings. Sharp voice and the way she sustains the alaaps are the signs of her impeccable training. Had a good time talking to you Anagha.

On being asked about the name, " It's one of the names of Lakshmi Goddess," she said

Good time Anagha

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