Thursday, January 31, 2019

The ride that brings our two years of beautiful time.

6 years have passed. Three of us have our bikes. But, still, we end up riding on a single vehicle. Compromises on the snacks and talks everything under the sun.

These meets the reassure  of our relation. Nothing has changed. Its coincidental we're forced to ride on a single vehicle through narrow lanes. During our intermediate, we used to go in such a way. After 6 years, also, we ended up going home in the same fashion. 

Srikanth, Abhilash & I live nearby during Intermediate days and spent a lot of time discussing music, sometimes math and various other things in life. Abhilash and Srikanth share the same passion for Physics. I'm a good listener to their discussions. After all this time, conversations on music are our favourite. From Math, it extended to various social issues, ideological debates and a lot more. We meet once in a blue moon and when we meet, we make sure we have the best time. 

We update each other on what we're up to in life and go on wishing them to be their best. Good times. 

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