Sunday, January 13, 2019

My friend's poem on poetry.

Poem written by my friend vinodKumar.  I love this poem

I am not a Poet 
Oh you say you write poetry
A voice from inside mocks
And I say no a vehement no
I don’t write some poetry
I just sharpen my vocabulary
In way that soothes my thirst
In a way that goes unnoticed
From the testing bites of the Learned
For I heard that poetry is class
A class of its own in dictum
Do I have a dictum of words
No I simply have some Oohs
Some Aahs and some yeses and noes
No I am not a poet
For I heard that poetry is lyrical
Lyrical in its germination
Lyrical in its roots and stem
Rhythmical in buds and flowers
Do I posses any of these?
I just pluck some emotions
Some sentiments nearby
Some words of chasms
Some words of passion
Some words of compassion
Just to relieve the pressure
That keeps building in me
Ssssh don’t ever call me a poet
I say to the questioning voice
For a poem is a river
A river of spontaneity
Spontaneity of expressions
Expressions of emotions
Emotions of experiences
Experiences of humanity
Humanity and Wilderness
Wilderness and Nature
What do I know about all these?
No I am not a Poet.

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