Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gratitude Tales: The Pretty Little Things

A sweet Konkani family hosted us at SuntiKuppa. After 2 days stay, I wished to thank them for the hospitality and everything. I don't know Konkani but can speak Tamil and understand Malayalam. I tried thanking them in whatever language I know just before the end of the trip. The aunt was happy to talk. She described how they live in that place. Talked about mountains, their kids, food & a lot more. Conversations kept flowing and she offered me the wine she herself made and just before I was taking a leave, she called me and gave me a cucumber saying, 

"Idhi enna teriyuma, Cucumber, Idhi Vungulaku(Do you know what this is? Cucumber. This is for you. And she showed me her garden and the place where she gets all the vegetables from."

i was touched by the gesture. That pretty little thing made my day. She took me for a walk through her garden and showed me all the vegetables. The excitement in showing the garden and those smiles reminded me of Kalpana. I could relate to it.
I got to know aunt more through her sumptuous food. I don't her name but I remember her through her warm smile and kind heart. Thanks, aunt for the gift. 

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