Monday, January 21, 2019

The Sunday Haul

I check out for books in a pattern. I first go to the bookseller who always has good non-fiction collection. Soon after wishes with the seller, I kept searching for interesting books. I found this book about letters. 

Khaki Parish: Our War, Our Love, 1940-46 by Helen Cook

The Pair exchanged an amazing 6000 letters during their wartime separation, writing their way into The Guinness Book of Records. After their marriage in 1946, the letters were stored in an old ammunition box, to be rediscovered 40 years later.  Letters and love. Interesting one. 

Soon after that, there's an elderly duo who never encourages haggling. Even I find good non-fiction copies at their place. Besides nonfiction, I found W. Somerset Maugham's books.

 The moon and the six pence. Wanted to try out his other books. Picked up Cakes and Ale

After one pathway, ran into Vinod Ekbote exactly at a place where I first met him few years ago. It's interesting how I met him. He inspired me to practice this routine. Sunday haul at Abids for books.

With Vinod Ekbote
 After that got a few fiction books and a poetry.
 Five American Poets

The bag full of books bought at Abids
Looking forward to reading the book of letters and love. 

Day well spent.

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