Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Colourless Journey- The Reader's Thoughts

It's been more than 3 weeks since the Colourless is out and the responses are very pleasant. I like it when readers take their own pace and space to stay with the poems. 

Bharat is the first reader, who could instantly get connected with few peoms. Dear Meaning is his favourite. Rajashri picked the book and kept reading whenever she finds time. She never failed to share an appreciation, whenever we met. 'A long Walk Indeed' she mentioned the title and shared how she enjoyed reading it. Other time, she walks in mentioning, another title, "Poetry of Waiting." Another time, "Dear Meaning." Thanks Rajashri for reading it out and also sharing your comments. 

Srilakshmi is another reader who was honest in her review. 

"Nice poetry. A few are crisp. A few are cringe. A few are brilliant." When I poked to share more about cringe poems, she said,"why do you want to know. why do you want to make it perfect. Poetry is what it is. That's what makes it beautiful." Thanks Srilakshmi for the words. 

Malavika got reminded of song- Let's get lost by Chet Baker, as she read my poem- Let's get lost.

A few thoughts on Colourless by the dear ones- 

"....You had me there reading page by page. Trying to understand some, overwhelmed by the beauty of some, feeling some and almost shedding a tear reading one which took me to the memory lane.  I have always tried to understand your painting but now I guess, i understand them a little better."

I'm grateful for all the words. 


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