Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Colourless Journey- The first Poetry Performance

I shared the Colourless book to Amrita and asked her to read and share what she'd like to recite. As a poet, I find it difficult to chose a few poems out of all the poems I wrote. I wanted to know how different readers would react to my poems. She listed out the poems she liked and wanted to recite. I trusted her choice, as I believed in her taste. Both of us worked on the sequence and went ahead with performance. 

  1. Colourless Journey 2002
  2. Paths
  3. Theatre Play
  4. Colourless
  5. A Long Walk Indeed
  6. LIFE
  7. Feelings
Making things more beautiful, Sonia, Ekta agreed to my request and became part of my poetry performance. Ekta, to extreme left and Sonia, to the right recited the poem Colourless Journey 2002 in parts. Cueing to Ludovico's music and the images of my paintings, Amrita and I got onto the stage. 

Listening to Ekta & Sonia's voice, we got onto the stage and began our performance. Amrita and I were in sync, reciting the poems in sequences.

Amrita recited the poem A long walk indeed and as I began to read LIFE, words quivered, tears dwelled up and I recited with a quiver voice and shivering heart. Recollecting the memories, I continued reciting the poem.

Archana was on the console controlling the audio and video. She minimised the volume whenever needed. Thanks a lot Archana for being there and supporting all through out. 

Amrita was poised despite being anxious for not rehearsing enough. She carried herself really well. It's a pleasure to share the stage with her. Watching the videos, I realised, I was the one who was in hurry. 

The best memory of getting on stage in the background voice of Primavera, Sonia's & Ekta's sharp voice reciting the words, Grays to be colored." Will treasure this memory for life. Thanks Sonia, Amrita, Ekta, Archana for being part in my Clourless Journey. 

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