Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bangalore Days- Barefoot again

 It's been ages since I walked barefoot all day. The last time I remember walking barefoot for most of the days was in Goa. Living on the beaches and on BITS college campus, I went barefoot and it was fun. As I entered Azim Premji University, I fell in love with the campus. It's maintained really well and though it rains, the foot path is well paved that I hardly get my feet dirty if I have to shift between buildings. 

At morning I woke up and I decided to go for a morning walk. Walk I did on barefoot. I enjoyed it. Later, as I had to visit Cafeteria, I chose not to wear anything. At first, everyone who saw me quickly noticed and asked but, as I began to roam around the campus, barefoot no one gave me any looks. I love the times where people don't bother about what others are up to. I walk barefoot, I walk in shorts, I walk in boxers. As long as I'm comfortable, others should be comfortable I guess. 

I walked in between buildings, attended some in-person meetings, visited library, met many people- everything on barefoot. I enjoy barefoot as feeling the ground through the feet is another sensorial experience. I walked on hard floor, on pebbles, on pricky stones, on muddy ground, on soft mushy ground. Tried to be immersed in the whole experience of feeling the ground beneath. 

Hopefully, I'll try to go barefoot whenever I can. 

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