Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Conversations- The little Things

Talking to a friend, we discussed what makes us happy. "Our standards and ambitions to feel happy is a lot high." he pointed out. 

"During our childhood, we used to boast about our toys. Now we boast about our cars." I commented. Discussing how materialistic we're and how we're not satisfied with what he have, he share when was the last time, he deeply felt happy. 

During the times of Kaho na Pyaar hai, Hrithik Roshan wore a net white T-Shirt. That was a big thing to own. My friend, from UP  state called his uncle who stays in Mumbai from PCO, requested him to get a shirt. As uncle got him what he asked for. He felt extremely happy to own that shirt. Something which he badly wanted. 

"I bought a lot of things but, never felt as happy as I felt then." he shared. 

I think, we're trying to find happiness in big things rather than the little things. If I've to write 100 little things that make me happy, will I write? I guess so. Lemme pick my journal. 

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