Friday, May 6, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Handful of Vegetables

 I like eating healthy food. It's just that I don't cook healthy food. For that matter, I don't cook junk food either. 

I always hosted parties and friends cooked chicken and a lot of exotic dishes. Dyu always cooked spanish omelette, chicken & rice, noodles, pasta and more continental dishes. Azhar cooks mutton, dal and Baat. Other friend recently cooked Dal and rice. Simple Dal and rice. Dal and rice is what I always tried to cook but, I always dumped everything in the cooker, boil it and try to eat it. For the first time, witnessing someone cooking in a simple way, I could appreciate it as well as seemed possible for me. 

Today, I got a handful of veggies, which I never do. I always buys in Kgs. Yeah, I got poor estimation skills. Today, I bought handful of tomatoes, Ivy gourd and some chilli. 

I soaked dal first and I finely chop the onions, tomatoes. The whole process seemed to be in flow. Years of struggle and also little inspiration, I could find myself doing better in the kitchen. 

I fried the onions, then tomatoes. Finally, I added dal and all the needed powders and waited for the whistles. Along with it, cooking rice was easy peasy, thanks to electric rice cooker. 

Every time, I feel I'm clumsy and struggle to do the basics. For the first time, I felt I got the hang of being in the kitchen. 

Good day, ending with dal, rice and some lemon pickle. Thanks friend for helping me to find happiness in simple meals. 

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