Sunday, May 8, 2022

A Stroll during the Sunset

Walks are the best time to be ourselves and observe our thoughts and emotions. As I got out of the theater workshop, I decided to spend sometime on the grass. I walked along the Jawahar Circle, watching the trees. I've walked a lot of times but, every walk helps me to be in the moment. It doesn't remind me of the past memories or doesn't give me ideas on what I'm going to do. 

I walked along processing the complex emotions I got. Over the strolls, I was not into other people. Everyone are trying to get lost in their minds while walking, I got lost in my mind.  

I walked and ended up at a  place where I first walked and sat on the grass, when I came to Jaipur for the first time in 2020. The same spot where I visited during the evening and saw the moon in blue evening sky. The canopies obstruct the LED lights. There's a bit darkness and also a low light. 

Sleeping on the grass changed the way I feel. My body responded to the grounding.  The head feels tingly and the hands have the goosebumps. The idea of being relaxed is to sleep on the grass without thinking of what people would think on the road. The road is for the vehicles and the grass is for the humans to rest. I  rested staring at the sky. 

It was much needed. Thanks Jaipur for maintaining good places like this to rejuvenate at times.  

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