Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Thoughts- Writing is a lonely journey

Writing a book is synonymous with spending hours and hours with papers, drafts and the blank screens. As I'm struggling with my poetry collection and memoir, I'm at the verge of giving up on memoir. Sadly, I'm too attached to that memoir. I see my life dangled up as I'm scared to touch the draft.  One would call themselves lucky, if they continue dealing with all the frustration one get while writing a book. As I'm working on a book, I spend hours with it, trying to tweak a line here and there. 

Most of us love writing but don't write because, we love to talk about writing rather than doing the real act, 'writing. Now I got into a difficult position. I'm in need of a people to talk about writing because, that'd atleast keep me on my track of  'writing,' or 'thinking about writing.' I do not want to totally give up on writing the stories, I always wanted to write.  Harry is one soul whom I always reach out to, whenever I want to share my thoughts on writing. I don't want to burden him with a lot of my confusion. 

I've couple of my friends with whom I try sharing just the ideas as I hardly have friends who read. When I share the ideas, I get responses like, 'you're crazy, too romantic, poetic.' 

Yes, I'm all that, I know it. Despite being all that, I can still work on my stories. 

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