Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Music-Twenty Minute Car Drives

The song was already selected. The artist as well. The young Jagjit Singh's live recording on Chaand ke Raat. 

We hardly spoke in the car, as we were keen on listening to how Jagjit Singh was singing. A little bit of Wah, Woah in between and there's only Jagjit's voice being played in the car. 

As we were nearing the office, Ambika played the version where Old Jagjit sang the same song in his own style. 

Talking about her favourite lines, she recited,

 Dil ne ek eent se tameer kiya Taj Mahal , Tumne ek baat kahi,lakh fasane nikle!!

How often our imaginations go grand with a small hint/hope shared by our love. I could totally relate to it. Thanks Jagjit for penning these words. 

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