Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thoughts- What's in a name?

Talking of names with colleagues, we discussed how adults should ask children, if they like their name or not. We can't give opportunity to change the name at very young age though but, they should be asked if they'd like to change the name at some point of life. 

Will I change my name now? May be not. In the past(when I was 7 year old) I felt like changing my name, as people hardly pronounce my name right. Even now, people struggle to pronounce it right. I just accepted that people call it in their own way. 

A colleague shared the conversation of how it went with 3rd class students when he talked of names with them. 

"If you've to change your names, what will you change your name into?," he asked the children. 

"I'll change from Bhawani Ram to Bhawani Singh." one kid expressed his wish. Apparently the kid finds power in Singh, I thought. 

Other kid shared, "I'll change my name into 'Payal.'" The whole class laughed. On being asked, why? he said, "Long time ago, one girl came to my class named 'Payal' and she left. That's why I want my name to Payal.  

Listening to the Amit's anecdote, Ambika, Amit & I discussed how we include names we love and names of the persons we love wherever we find an opportunity. 

Amrutha, Samhita are my character names. Will share the story behind this on some day. 

Amit shared how he included name 'Aranya' in the academic handbook where he had to write an example. We never lose an opportunity to express the love, right?

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