Sunday, May 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Sharayu

 May 15 2013

Message: HAPPY B.DAY!!!!!!!!! :)

Over a few years, the message never got changed to the same recipient,Sharayu, my favorite artist(Senior). I never met her in my first years of the college but, had a lot of interest to know her well. I never bothered to begin a conversation but, on her birthday, I always wanted to share my wishes with her.

As years passed by, she left the college and I was in my final year of the college. I met her by chance and we broke the ice by A.R.Rahman tune. And the rest is the story I cherish upon. 

It's been 6 years since we bonded our coffee, conversations and music. Thinking of gifting her on birthday, I tried creating a scrap book with full of photographs. Book, I did but, never gifted her. I still cherish the gift I have for her. May be, a few gifts are meant to treasure but not to share. 

The never sent gift

On this special day, I read all the writings, poems I wrote on her and celebrated in my own way listening to all her covers and recordings.

Happy birthday Sharayu! Have a blast. 


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