Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Colorless Diaries- How it all started

I took out all the journals to read out to a friend. Looking at the number of journals, I took out, I was surprised to see how much I wrote over the years. 

The act of reading out our inner most thoughts. 

I never thought that I'd read out my journal to any person. Journals and writer notebooks are some material that doesn't need any reader other than it's writer for, they can be dark, gloomy, happy, bright, confusing, condemning, foolish, futile, silly, and what not. 

To be vulnerable and read out what we think is one hell of an adventure. 

As I got out all the journals lying on the table, I began writing. 

I wrote a lot of poetry and realized, I've so much poetry in these journals which are unpublished and untouched. 

On April 15.2022, I got the idea of working on this project. May.3.2022, I'm happy with the basic draft I got. Following Stephen King's advice, will try to finish off this project within 3 months. 

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