Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Music- Twenty Minute Car Drives

 Jagjit's Chaand ke Saath continues to stay on loop. Discussing the lyrics of the song, we realised that the writer has tried capturing the human psyche in this ghazal. 

How do we map all our struggles to one thought/person and make our life a big struggle? Ambika pondered. Identifying that we're doing such act itself is a big achievement, I thought. 

Looking at how deep the writer has thought, I feel that Arts is Science. One cannot keep arts and science exclusive. Without understanding human psyche, biology, and much more, one can't identify or feel the human emotions. Even if one process the emotions, they need words to articulate in such manner. We feel that Arts is very elusive,out of the world and science is what makes lives better. I feel, we need both and personally, I feel we need more art for a better world to live in. 

Thanks Jagjit again for the words.

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