Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Music- Ada- A way of Life

One of the album which is close to my heart. Back in 2009, the effort of visiting internet cafe and browsing for new A.R.Rahman songs was a journey I cherish. There's a lot of effort that goes in the whole process of listening to the new music. 

Back in those days, We gotta walk to the nearby cafe. Walking to a shop and buying a toffee was a big task for a 6 year old.  Similarly, walking to Internet Cafe for a 15 year old was an exciting time. Back then  orkut, gmail, Yahoo Chatrooms, Raaga.com were the usual goto sites. 

The experience of walking to the place and waiting for our chance to get the system is still vivid in my memory.  In 2009, Satya had a computer in a seperate room with an internet connection. Walking to his house and downloading the songs was a feat. Also, I had to carry a DVD to write the songs on it. After writing Ghajini, Ada, Surya S/o Krishnan songs on one DVD, I get back to home. Play it on DVD. There's no visuals to distract. 

Adjusting volume to the type of the song. Not so loud, not so low. Listening to Meherbaan on a  sunny afternoon in a lonely house was a memory that's still as fresh as daily morning walk in a low light. 

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