Thursday, May 5, 2022

Twenty Minute Car Drives

Whenever Ambika and I are in Jaipur, we go to office together at times. Most of the times, I’m on my cycle taking 40 minutes to reach the office, and Ambika spending 20 minutes to reach the office. I’m a tenant at Ambika’s place. Whenever we decide to go together in car. We go at ease, discussing what’s happening at home and life. Jaipur is not as busy as Hyderbad or any other big city. Hardly there's traffic during the peak hours as well. 

During our short drive, Ambika has the playlist curated for our drive. Often, the conversations go intense and music always works as pacifier and ice breaker to lighten the mood. 

I got introduced a lot of new artists. Mostly, we pick classical music. Rahul Deshpande and some other classic albums are my favourites.

Today, we were listening to Rahul Deshpande’s album 'Me Vasantrao'. 

At evening, Bade Acche Lagte hai was on loop. Today, we had an interesting conversation on trees as well. 

Why the tree shape is the way it is?

Depending on the delayed expression of the genes of the trees, the shape varies. Also, I got to know a few terms which are used in botany. Genotype and phenotype. 

Thinking of canopies, we spoke of the leave shedding. 

Leafless trees always seem poetic to me. It seems to be energy efficient mechanism of the trees. Trees need more energy to replenish the chlorophyll in present leaves than shedding the drying leaves and get a new. 

“The whole evolutionary process, trees took up can be seen through seasons,”Ambika explained.  Discussing the importance of night, we agreed who science should get into popular writing and bring awareness on many areas. 

Listening to Bade Acche Lagte Hai, we reached home at ease, without a worry. No traffic, no fuss. Four times of Bade Acche Lagte Hai. Thanks Ambika. Grateful for the drive and the company.  

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