Saturday, May 28, 2022

Bangalore Days- A good ending to the workshop

 After a strenuous workshop, a lot of us huddled in the cafeteria celebrating the end of the workshop. Cafeteria is always a hot place to hang around yet, we spend a lot of time there. Malavika, Rima and I decided to walk out of the cafeteria for a fresh breeze. Watching the tree silhouettes, we strolled out of the campus. Under a tree, we stopped and began to share what's happening in our lives. Rima recollected her old days and all of us joined the sharing. We spent 10 days together but, our conversations under the tree would be the most memorable conversations ever. 

We walked out of the campus at dawn and we continued our conversations until the LED lights of the campus turned on and the road got buzzed by the streaming vehicles. We took a side on the road and discussed how art business works and our love life is going on. 

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