Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bangalore Days- Rainy Summer again

In Uttarkashi, I experienced my first rainy summer. I landed in Bangalore and got welcomed with slight drizzle. Haven't expected such cloudy days during summer. Well, welcome to retro Bangalore. This reminds me of 2000s Bangalore.

Sarjapura cabs were prompt with calls and mails, the message is clear on where I'll be picked up. 

A gentle man picked me up from Point no. 4. When I tried speaking to him in Kannada, Only English or Hindi sir, he replied. What other languages do you speak I enquired. As he said, Telugu, we began to speak in Telugu. 

Over 2.5 hours, listening to his stories and watching the Bangalore on the move, I enjoyed the morning clouds, drizzle and drive. 

When we're certain of our destination this services seems to be helpful. Thanks Sarjapura Cabs.

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