Monday, May 9, 2022

Movie- Marina Abramović & Ulay's "No Predicted End"

 If I have to meet any of my love again after 30 years with whom I departed, loved, hated, trusted, believed,  spent time, made memories? Will I? Yes, I would!

Similarly, Marina Abramovic and late Ulay decided to catch up for a conversation , recollecting their journey after 30 years of break. They've a legacy that the world would never forget for, the way they've created life experiences. 

Conversations between Marina and Ulay shows how they've started their creative journey and went on to perform pushing themselves to explore the ideas of performance. 

When they wanted to end their 12 year relation, they chose to walk over the great wall of China, to end it, to say Good bye. I got to know how 'performance' is perceived. These days, 'Movement' has become a trendy thing on social media. It's interesting to see how they've created time-based art which could only be witnessed in-person. The recording, the footage are again the duplicity of the art. 

Watching them recollect their earlier days, it's nice to see how their love was flourished, seasoned and evolved in many ways. 

At the end, they talk about death. 'Let's have great death, as we had great life,' mentions Marina. 

A must watch. Loved the documentary.

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