Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Cycling Diaries- A ride after a long time

After a long trip from Uttarkhand, I didn't get a chance to lay my hands on my Road Runner Pro. I had to send it for a general service and oil check. 

I procrastinated a lot to get the bike and as i'm getting ready to travel to Bangalore, I thought I'll get it home. Watching the bike in it's best condition, I was so happy to get back on it. Thanks Shree Ram Cycle Enterprises for the best service.  Thanks Rajesh for capturing the moment.

After filling air as I walked out of the store, I wanted to treat myself for having the best cycle to ride.

I checked out a near food joint, exotic Aravalli. Had a decent Dosa and noodles. I was happily eating a lot as I knew I was going to burn everything by riding for a long time. 

Spent an hour cycling from one corner to other corner of the city, listening to A.R.Rahman songs. 

I thoroughly enjoy these leisurely rides rather than trying to speed up all the time.  A good day. 

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