Thursday, May 26, 2022

Day-3 Puppetry Workshop

Five groups have come up with their stories, performing on the customised stage. All ther performers were changing their intonations according to the characters and the situations. 
These were the few suggestions from the facilitator. 

1. Movement in puppetry is critical. Moving the puppet unnecessarily and also making the puppet static most of the time is something we need to keep in mind. 
2. Cover the hand with a cloth and then handle the puppet.

Peri demonstrated the creation of 2-Dimension mask. Without  talking much about observation, he showed how important it is to observe and create the face mask accordingly. Adding a detail by detail, he created a beautiful mask. 

All of us shared our thoughts. Teachers mentioned how they're going to implement these creations in school. I shared how different I felt when I'm creating puppetry out of papers. It's like we're bring life out of papers. I can relate to how sculptors breathe life into a stone. 

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