Monday, May 2, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The Barber's advice

Two decades ago, when I used to visit the saloon along with my Dad, I used to meet vibrant barber who easily catch up with strangers over the current affairs and also the local updates which everyone forgets once they walk out of saloon. It's been long time since I met such vibrant barbers as they got TVs to do the talking rather than them. Soon after that we got the music system that keeps playing some music. The music varies from devotional to EDM. Today, I visited a shop where the stylish barber has got some Baba's bhajan on youtube played. 

The youtube video: the baba is narrating a story in the form of lyrical way, a couple who adopts an orphan and gives him all the riches. Instead of being grateful, the adopted kid falls in love, gets addicted to alcohol and forsakes the parents. 

The barber took a break, opens the Ghutka packets and tells me, "sun rahe ho, the orphan got adopted and he's taking into the addiction path," while mixing the Ghutka. What are you doing stranger? I wanted to poke him. Quite an irony that an Ghutka eating person is judging an orphan who is taking an alcoholic addiction path. 

Later, he tells his story. " Maybe you begin your day with Chai, I used to begin it with a beer.  I was that kid. From morning 7 till night 12. I was high on alcohol and money. I had a lot of money.  My parents were worried that I earn money but, I spend them also without a thought. 

I went near my home but didn't go home. I spent 8-10 days but, didn't visit home. I was with friends and partied."

The smile he got in narrating his story, I wonder if that was pride or the regret. Hope he figures out what he's feeling on his life. 


  1. Interesting chap...did you get his story?

    1. Got tits bits of his life sir. Next time, when I go for a hair cut, will catch up with him :)


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