Saturday, May 21, 2022

Not about writing at all- Walks

 New experiences pave us for more expressions.

I went for a long walk under the night lights in the campus. A silent slow stroll. I took 20 minutes to walk a small stretch watching for the darkness in the bright lit campus. There’s beauty in low light. There’s beauty in the night. I continued walking. Two young couple lied on the road watching the sky, a little far from them was the enthusiastic crowd singing songs loud. I liked the way these people are enjoying their nights. Some are craving for silent time, some for loud expressions.  

I continued my walk, thinking how important it is to be in present. Being barefoot makes me feel the ground. And as I’m on the ground, I feel each and every step of mine. A lot of thoughts were flashing and I had a lot of thoughts to write about. I thought a lot and I also wanted to walk a little bit more to be in the experience of being in present. 

I had to drag myself to my room to write as I can’t just keep walking and think about writing rather than writing. 

 I remember Ruskin Bond telling that it’s easy to lie on the grass and watch the cherry blossom tree than to pick yourself up from that beautiful mood to sit and write about lying on the grass and watching the cherry blossom tree.

 It’s beautiful to spend an afternoon in the hills watching birds. But, it’s also important to get up from that tree and from that chair to pick a pen and book to jot down the thoughts. Sometimes, we love experience so much that we post pone our writing but, it’s also important to pick our book and pen to write rather than tell ourselves,  let’s experience more. 

When do we take a call to write about an experience rather than continuing to experience.  An interesting question to stay with. 

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