Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Friends- A call after a long time

 Rahul called up saying he has reached Bowrampet. During our engineering days, Rahul spent more time in Bowrampet than at his home or the classrooms. I believed him immediately and began to scold him for not sharing about his arrival from US. A quick shift to Video call, he is standing in front of his new red car, Dodge challenger. Glad to see him sharing about his new possession. 

Slowly, we discussed what we're upto in our lives. Talking of friends, we included Sunny, Sachin, Jaya, Naveen(ding). After a long time, we caught up in a call and spent hour discussing what we're dealing with. We discussed how screwed up we're in being aware of our emotions. With these people, it's easy to share our struggles, our worries and all our doubts. Glad to have these people around. 

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