Monday, May 9, 2022

Thoughts- Writing is as easy as difficult it is

I was writing to my friend and I felt a strong urge to tell her, "Writing is not easy! Writing is super difficult as it demands to be brutally honest to ourselves." 

It's very easy to write, I told myself all the time and kept writing but, there are times where I don't write at all. I knew that I had to drag myself and jot the words. There's a lot of self doubt, fear of audience, fear of excellence. I realised, the narrative, I tell myself that, "It's very easy to write." is not helping in anyway. 

I'm trying to accept that, writing is difficult as it's takes to be honest. If being honest is easy to us, writing will become easy. Being honest with  what's happening in our mind and body, will help us to write. Being an observer rather than the controller of what's happening within ourselves will give us a back seat to observe and write rather than believing we control everything. we try to excel to write and if we don't get those words right, we stop writing.  

First, accepting that writing demands a lot of  honesty worked for me. May be  different narrative can work for different people. 

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