Thursday, May 19, 2022

Cycling Diaries- Office Ride

Aware of the scorching heat, I've decided to go slow and take my own time to reach the office. These days, I'm selecting one track in loop for the whole ride. This time, it's A.R.Rahman's new song.

I was observing everything I pass on the road and rode to the office. I chanced upon a camel cart where the rider was setting the cart onto the camel. The wood was carved in such a curve that it fits according the figure of camel. On a bright day, I noticed a man sitting on a small red wall with two bottles open. Mountain dew and the other transparent bottle with alcohol in it. He got a glass to mix and sip. What made him to drink alone on a bright sunny day mixing alcohol and mountain dew without anything to munch on. I find it sad when people don't have company to drink. 

I took my own time to ride and I 24 minutes to reach the office. In general, I reach in 20 minutes. It's a matter of 4 minutes, I avoided drenching in sweat, avoided the panting and the tiredness. Good start to the day. 

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