Monday, May 9, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Daylight journeys

On an Easter Sunday, I hurried to clean the house and dropped Shankar, Azhar & Aman to reach their destinations. In the journey of dropping everyone, I got late and J waited for me at the bus.  A Govt. Volvo bus ride to Delhi. It's a five hour bus ride.

With J, it's never a silent ride. We often talk during our traveling. As both of us were deprived of sleep, we decided to nap for a bit. In between naps and calls, we reached Delhi. 

We got down at Dhola Kuan and walked to the nearest metro station, where we had to meet Malavika. 
While Malavika was yet to come, we did some shopping. Delhi Metro Stations are well equipped and resourced. 

As soon as we met Malavika, we walked through the metro stations and caught up with Sandeep who was driving us to Udham Singh Nagar. As three of us got into the car, the conversations flowed, we discussed the Delhi muncipal corporation has developed learning environment through mobile classrooms

I shared the stories about Story Corps and the position of Chief Storytelling Officer, when we were brainstorming ideas of story bank and other options to assist teachers in picking stories quickly and efficiently.  We talked a bit about Wipro Book and Anurag Behar's notes in it and began to share stories on PARI, a casteless collective band. 

From stories, we went on to discuss movies. Where Friends Home is one movie, we discussed and also the movie- The Bell and the Butterfly. 

I'm sure there are so many lil stories and anecdotes that I missed writing here. Every journey is a memorable one. 

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