Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jaipur Journals- What's in a name?

 I was discussing with a person who recently became father of twins. What's their name? I asked. 

Aranya & Hiranya, he replied.  Curious to know the story of their names, I asked 'What do they mean?'

Aranya means Forest and Hiranya means 'Earth'. He began to explain how earth is called Hiranya Garba. 

Why Aranya and Hiranya? I asked. 

I love Nature and I wanted to keep this names. 

Why not any name related to the Sea or mountains, I enquired further. 

I don't like Sea as much as I like the tree and mountains. He began to explain. And as he explained, he shared, "I waited for 16 years to personalize this name in my life. It's been 16 years since he got married.  Watching him share about  how much he love the names, I was keen to listen to him about what he has to say about these names. 

Not only that, I have pet names for my children, 'Ibu' and 'Ija' he shared. 

Ibu from Indonesian language and Ija from Pahadi lanugage. Both means, 'Mother' in respective languages. 

It's interesting how a few names carry so much of emotion, memories and thoughts. 

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