Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Cat and the walk

I carried my water camper to the steps, having my mind somewhere else. Just like my thoughts. My eyes strayed sidewards while I walked straight. I found the cat, looking at the path that's between me and the gate. My reflex actions were so acute that I stopped and shrieked before I could spot the Cat properly.  I looked at the cat. And it walked past me as if, it had no role in what it has done. I stared at her, as it walked past. After further steps, it turned back and looked at me. 

I was done with the shriek, I looked without a reaction. I stared at it. It stared at me. It continued its steps seeing no reaction in me. It walked further and looked back. Well, here I am! Cat. I stared at her without any reaction. Few more steps, it looked back. We had the game of be-in-your-own-place, I'll-go-to my-place. And finally, it walked into trees, disappearing from the sight.

Never seen a heavy headed cat. Sigh. 

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