Friday, May 15, 2020

Story- The pink Liquid

My teacher walked in with a weird shaped colored bottle. I saw bottles being round and square but not rectangular with a flat base and coned by the end. My teacher pressed the top and the liquid came out.
How does the pink liquid come out? Why is the liquid pink in colour? My favourite colour. He took a drop of it. He rubbed the hands and demonstrated the way one should clean their hands with the liquid. Does this liquid create foam? Nah. There's no fun in cleaning the plates or hands with this,  if there's no foam to play with. I watched him rubbing his hands vigorously and went on with his monologue describing how it kills some invisible small organisms. 'Why did he come and disturb our music class?' I thought.

His movements were funny, his concentration in washing the hands vigorously was funny. Can I wash utensils with this liquid? I do not have this kind of liquid at home. Neither to wash hands nor utensils. My teacher got it. I imagined him washing utensils at my home using that pink liquid. Quiet funny. I couldn't let my laugh out.  Sam Bhaiya looked at me widening his eyes. Sam Bhaiya looked at me widening his eyes. I got everyone's attention. I bit my tongue reaming silent wishing there's an invisible cloak to hide from all those glaring glares. I looked at sam Bhaiya if he was angry. He is not. He got this smile that slipped from his lips and eye.

He also laughed. He is with me. I thought and I left home wondering how the liquid is made of pink, how does that work you press and thing come out. Interesting.

I camae home. we played, jumped, got over,. Mid all the over my hands, Come and eat, said Mom. 'Okay' I went to clean my hands. I realised, we haven't got any pink liquid, nor the soap to rub, I washed my hands with waters.

'Get the soap' from shop shouted mom.
Soap costs 10 rs now. 'Give me money.' I screamed.
' Clean with the ash. It's the best soap.' My mom shouted back. 'Okayy.' I said knowing that we can't afford a soap a month. It has to come for 45 days. I wonder how costly the pink liquid would be.

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