Sunday, May 3, 2020

In Conversation with Harimohan Paruvu: Writer, Cricketer, Facilitator, C...

Interesting stories, life experiences, anecdotes, a lot of life lessons. I enjoyed Harry's conversations with Niveditha and Vanathi. 

Every time, I have some take away from his words. 

"The things that are easiest to us are the things we don't seem to see." It's true that often others mention which is a cakewalk to us and shows us the possibility. Lesson learned. 

From his school life to his current works, Harry shared his experiences. I loved the paradoxes of his life. Being a team player and competitive on the cricket field, he stayed away from the competition everyone was going on. Without much effort, he was choosing to be himself in the areas of his interest. 

Harry spoke of his fears, mistakes, learnings. Shared a lot of stories with humility. His writing career is one journey everyone needs to listen intently. 

"To begin with the writing, one has to start writing." Seem so simple but, hard and profound. Harry deconstructed the whole process of writing and getting it published. He also spoke his writing journey. Enjoyed the conversation.

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