Monday, August 10, 2020

Book- The Talkative Man by R.K.Narayan

The Talkative Man is the shortest book written by R.K.Narayan I am told.  The story is set in the town of Malgudi, with the narrator, TM, the talkative Man who is talkative to the readers but not in the story. His name is called out only once in the whole book. ‘Madhu’ he is called. I assumed the book is about the talkative man but it’s not! Besides TM, Rann, Roja, and several characters were sketched out well in the story. Characters worth remembering for a long time. Varma at the Boardless Hotel, the librarian, Guffar Taxi, the station master, and Munni. I enjoyed reading this small book. Looking forward to reading the other works of R.K.Narayan.

Well written and the postscript triggered me to imagine different ends to the story.  

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