Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Stories with Navnit- Writing

"Likhna likhne se hota hai."

On 4th Aug 1994, Anne Frank got arrested. Reading a small book on Anne Frank, I was inspired to host a session on Anne Frank’s writing. “How about a session on Anne Frank?” I asked Navnit.

“Teachers here, do not know Louie Braille. What will they know about Anne Frank? Don’t waste time on these. Do something contextual,” advised Navnit.

Seeing me bubbled up with ideas, Navnit questioned the possibilities of the outcome. "Maybe, I should do something worthy," I thought. 

Do something that’s meaningful for you. Be intentional. I told myself. 

I discarded the idea but, the more I thought about it, the more I seemed correct on doing this session emphasizing the writing. “I want to do this! I love the story. I want to emphasize on reflective writing. Teachers need to believe about what writing can do before, they teach children, 'writing.' I can drive the message home

I worked on the idea. Watched documentaries. Read the related stories. Jotted down the thoughts. Given a week's time on reflection, I shared the concept note of the session. 

“I am planning to go with Anne Frank’s idea,” I told Navnit. A smile shone on Navnit’s face. The smile, elders have when they catch the younger ones' mistakes.

“Acche hai ji. 4,5 the class vale baccho ko California ke Kahaani kya mazza aatha hai?” Navnit questioned again.

 “Same with the teachers of Rajasthan who do not think about the people of Germany and their problems."

“I meant to work on Anne Frank's diary and her writing but, not to share her struggles.” I began sharing my 'Why' 

“This is to emphasize 'writing.' Reflective writing. This is the time, we need to work on reflective writing. Focus on her diary part.”

"Check out this book. Naukrani Ki Diary by Krishna Baldev. It’s about the maid and her life. There’s also another published book written by the teacher." The list was endless. As we were on the same page about our intentions and the  session, Navnit shared a lot of references and told about writing. 

"Likhna likhne se hotha hai," you can tell all these stories on why everyone should write. If they find that a maid can write about her life, teachers also can write a lot of their lives. 

Thanks Navnit Ji. We learn to write by writing. Thanks for the lesson and also all those book suggestions! 

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