Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Mad miracles- Fanta Phani and Stories

My friend Fanta Phani showed me a painting with pride. 
"Who painted it?" I asked.
"With pride beaming on his face, he showed his dog to me. His dog drew a painting. Before I come into terms of dog painting, he brought a canvas and brush to show me the miracle. 

"Madness. Absolute madness. How do you enjoy while you train the animals to imitate humans?" I asked. 

"You ever saw a dog capable of painting with its paw?" growled Phani. 

"I see a dog capable of painting it with a paw. Yes, it's something that is unbelievable. But, why do we need a dog to paint?" I pleaded bonkered by mad whimsical wishes. 

Why not?" 

"What next?" I asked Phani wondering what was in his mind. 

maybe dogs are trained but do they need to be trained in these kinda acts where they imitate humans. Next what?

"Dog should be able to walk on two legs!"

"Next, do you want the dog to type on your computer in excel?" I grumbled. 

No, I don't mind it learning all these traits. Why don't you leave animals to the animals? Maybe they've seen it all. Gone through the phase where we're in and they preferred to enjoy what they are in?

As a human, we need to evolve.

Downgrade your memory by making us vulnerable to the networks that's no more a network we need but to exploit us?

That's a 3rd world problem. We're not there yet.

Oh, Yeah. They're evolved. We're yet to be evolved there and then we'll think of all these problems.

Will you stop teaching your dog how it plays music??

It has good music sense, it'll pick it up. I don't see any difference between you and the Facebook.

Facebook habituated humans to use it and now they can't resist being away from the Facebook.

You trained wolf to domesticate it into a dog and now you want to evolve them and bring it what level god knows!!!

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