Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lonu and I - Role Play

 Today, Lonu taught me Alphabets. We do role play as we meet. I be the kid, she becomes the adult. Listening to her, I can understand what all did she observe from the adults around her. 

She tapped my cheeks and said, Ro. Abhi. Ro. She is often hit by her sister. She wanted to know what it is to beat other children. 

Sab Bandh. Bacho! Ye Pado. A, B, C, D..... And she draws random lines giving out the sounds. 

She handed out the notes to me and asked me to copy them down. While her favorite past time is to watch some random show on Youtube. 

Youtube has such superficial stuff that's numbing the children. Sad. 

It's interesting to read role play and its importance. 

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