Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Missing the children

 After a long time, I was discussing school children with Dyu. We began our conversation about Geeta. Geeta is the toughest girl in the class. No one dares to mess with her. Not even the most notorious kid in the class. 

From Geeta, we got in with her brother Raju, then her sister Chiku. Thinking of Chiku, I got reminded of Nathu Ram, Chetan, and all the lovely kids of the 8th class. 

Then on with 7th class kids, Gaurav, Mayank, Diva, Mamta, Harshith. Every kid is a gem in his/ her way of own. 

The first class would always get a special mention for the way those kids are. Intelligent. Kind. Smart. Innocent. Full of life. 

Kanishka can talk about anything. She talks well and she also hears you out well. She is expressive and she expresses really well. There's no concept of right, wrong to her. We pollute her by making her feel bad about her learning. 

Miss her. 

And then comes her friends. Divya, Vimla, Chiku, Kushi, Chaya, Rachna, Babla. Such sweethearts!

When do we get a chance to meet all the children in school again? 

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