Saturday, August 8, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Dyu and I

Different cultures have different customs. Always up to interact with locals and attend to their customs, Dyu and I heartily accepted Hansram's  lunch invitiation. The family was celebrating Guru Purnima. They have their family Guru. We rode to village Paldi M, through spacious highway and further dusty roads. 

We arrived at the temple that had a vast premises. In the premises were the crowd and the lunch. We sat for the lunch. At first, we were offered Churma on our plates and were left to oursleves. Five minutes, no one bothered to serve anything else as we haven't finished the Churma.  Dyu and I looked at each other wondering when they'd serve us Dal Bati. "Hansaram ji, Baati laaona?" Dyu asked. "Finish the Churma first, you can have Bati later," suggested a locale in a casual tone.  Rajasthanis start their lunch, breakfast dinner with sweets, we reminded ourselves and requested for the main course.  

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