Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Festival of Bands- Raksha Bandan

"There's an auspicious time. There are rituals," said Shankar. 

Saket and Khusboo invited us to celebrate Rakhsha Bandan with them. Biju, Shankar and I headed to their home. 

Away from my home, we relaxed a bit and got into the rituals. We were given special seat and tied the Band. 

There were a lot of sweets to eat. Heavy with south Indian breakfast, I was put with a lot of sweets and dishes. Food with love, I couldn't resist. 

Over the conversations on art, and some food, we ended it  a  day. We spent a day discussing how we had memories of Raksha Bandan. 

This year, Akhila decided to gift me a diary rather than Band. I am glad that she gifted the book rather than the band. Akhila is good at expressing. I remember receiving a greeting card at young age from her. 

I took it as granted. We never expressed each other that we are there. But, Akhila  always tried. I was terrible. I took a lot of things granted. I never expressed what they mean to me. 

Right from birthday gifts to a lot of gifts, I was pampered with a lot of things. This time also, such a thoughtful gift. Thanks a lot Akhila. 

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