Saturday, August 22, 2020

No Man is an Island- Lahari Pendkar

Beautiful smile. Observant looks. I met my senior, Lahari during one of those ragging sessions. She has a mellow voice and her laugh is an exquisite one. 

I know Lahari through the ASME club. She was part of it. Along with her, were Rocky, Sasya. I cherish all the beautiful memories I shared with them. 

During my first year, they were very few seniors whom I approached without any fear. Lahari was one. She never intimidated with the senior tag. With others, I was intimidated. Sasya was too sweet and silent with all the juniors. 

Those interactions with all these seniors helped me in grooming with seniors. Thanks, Lahari, Sasya, Rocky Bhai. 

While I performed at the hostler's freshers, Lahari was surprised by my performance. Her friends were all set to rag me but, she was gracious on me and let me go. 

Soon after the first year, I was into too many things to get on with the club and also the interactions with all my seniors. Occasional greetings at times.  

We are connected through social media but, I never talked to her. Do not know why. I would never fail to speak to her in person though. 

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